Murcor, Inc. Launches the VRM Real Estate Alliance

 | Murcor, Inc. Launches the VRM Real Estate Alliance

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Murcor, Inc. is making it easier to find tailor-made, customized real estate solutions with the launch of the VRM Real Estate Alliance — a unique, experienced alliance dedicated to helping real estate and financial services professionals find unlimited possibilities.

The VRM Real Estate Alliance is made up of eight smart, diverse partners, ranging from mortgage servicers to valuations management specialists. Within the Real Estate Alliance, people can learn from and work with the following:

  • VRM Mortgage Services: VRM Mortgage Services is a firm dedicated to the management of REO (real estate owned) properties as well as support for the function of both performing and non-performing loans.
  • PCV Murcor: PCV Murcor is dedicated to providing  valuation needs for mortgage lending, financial institutions, estate and litigation, real estate investors, and mortgage services firms.
  • VRM Lending LLC: VRM Lending LLC uses a customer-first approach to help borrowers find their dream homes and investment properties through loans that make sense for them.
  • VRM University: VRM University offers training for financial industry professionals in the realm of certification, professional development, and even tailor-made trainings.
  • Council for Inclusion in Financial Services: CIFS helps financial professionals create a more diverse, inclusive workforce — as well as works to increase financial literacy across the board.
  • PCV|VRM Seeds of Hope: VRM and PCV Murcor’s non-profit arm supports a variety of additional nonprofits and charities through service and financial support.
  • Mortgage Collective Service Providers: The Mortgage Collective offers support, education, community, and opportunities for a variety of mortgage service providers.

By being a member of VRM Real Estate Alliance, you’ll find a medley of specialized financial, professional, and real estate products and services — giving you unparalleled access to knowledge, to opportunities, and even to thousands of suppliers within the VRMREA network. 

VRM Real Estate Alliance offers a unique, streamlined approach to any financial and real estate need, using an industry-leading network to educate and add value to each and every business and individual it connects with. To find out more about VRM Real Estate Alliance and its partner brands, click here.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]