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VRM Mortgage Services provides a variety of services to coordinate the support function of performing and non-performing loans. VRM delivers support services that may provide an operational lift and performance excellence for its clients.

With a proven process, coupled with a vendor panel of proven real estate professionals and our proprietary technology platform, we offer a scalable outsourcing platform that provides back up support to lenders, servicers, investors and government financial institutions to help reduce operating costs  and operational and reputational risks. 

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Mortgage Services

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Asset Management

VRM is a highly experienced, full-service national real estate asset management provider.

Short Sale Services

From property maintenance to title, and closing, we can manage the entire process.

Rental Management

VRM Mortgage Services provides all the services you need to help minimize rental property risk.

Property Inspections

Property inspections are critical in reducing the risk and loss severity on any real estate asset.

Property Preservation

VRM confirms the properties we manage comply with investor and regulatory guidelines.

Title & Closing Coordination

We understand how complex title and closing can be. You cannot afford to make mistakes.

Commercial Property Solutions

VRM provides solutions that meet the challenges of today’s commercial real estate market.

Eviction Services Coordination

We manage evictions in a way that is respectful to occupants and also supports limiting reputational exposure.


Solutions for Real Estate Investors

The bottom line on investments is return. We get it. We understand the value of due diligence and how to manage assets for maximum return. Our experience listing, managing and selling assets for more than 10 years makes us uniquely qualified to assess risk, mitigate exposure, control costs and maximize the value of a property. Regardless of investment strategy type or duration, VRM Mortgage services can provide the solutions you need to achieve your investment targets. From inspections to property maintenance and repair through final sale, we offer services that can be tailored to fill operational gaps and provide domain expertise that will allow you to focus on what you do best–invest. Let us show you how outsourcing operational details to a recognized real estate industry leader can help you reach your business objectives.

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VRM Mortgage Services is Looking for Vendors to Join Our Network!

VRM Mortgage Services is a property preservation servicing company that is currently seeking property preservation contractors to service and manage bank-owned properties through all phases of the foreclosure process.