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VRM Mortgage Services provides the specialized evaluation and assessment that you need for any residential or commercial property inspection.

Why Choose VRM Mortgage Services for Property Inspections?

As a leading home inspection provider, tested and proven, we furnish the confidence and peace of mind to buyers and sellers of homes and other properties. Our nationwide network includes hundreds of highly trained, experienced inspectors with years of classroom, in-field and hands-on technical training. With VRM Mortgage Services, you can have confidence in our organization to:

  • Provide comprehensive, professional systems, tools and training to improve your business
  • Evaluate your home on 400+ points to provide a detailed condition assessment
  • True professionalism — quality assurance is a company-wide priority

VRM Mortgage Services Offers Several Inspection Services to Fit Your Needs

Property inspections are a critical component of reducing the risk and loss severity on any asset. From vandalism and code compliance to maximizing sales prices and rental rates, VRM helps servicers, lenders, insurers and agencies identify and resolve issues earlier in the process by supplying a thorough occupancy report. This helps to reduce the expense, time and difficulty of repair while helping to minimize loss or maximize return.

Through VRM’s licensed affiliates and/or vendor network professionals, we offer a variety of inspection options to meet client-specific challenges with solutions that address issues at a regional, local and neighborhood level.

  • Bankruptcy inspections
  • Commercial property inspections
  • Construction compliance inspections
  • Home improvement inspections
  • Insurance loss draft inspections
  • Occupancy / name verification
  • Residential property inspections
  • Sale date inspections
  • VPR – Vacant Property Registration

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