Property Preservation Services to Help Increase Your Property Value

What is Property Preservation? | Property Preservation Services to Help Increase Your Property Value

If you own property, you probably think about it a lot because it’s an investment. The value depends on many aspects, including location and condition. Property preservation is an essential factor in maintaining and even increasing your property value.

What is Property Preservation? 

Professional property preservation services offer comprehensive maintenance solutions for homeowners, real estate investors, lenders, and property managers. Property preservation companies help maintain and protect properties, including vacant or abandoned ones. 

Through a network of vendors combined with technology, property preservation services support owners and investors with their property needs, including preparing for a sale, making repairs, and securing the property from vandalism. 

Property preservation services use a network of vendors and technology to support cost-effective and efficient management. 

Why is Property Preservation Important?

At its core, property preservation safeguards and enhances the value of properties. Regular maintenance can help with the early detection of issues, helping to prevent major issues that can escalate into costly damages. 

Property preservation services also maintain compliance with building codes, fees, and regulations so you can avoid potential fines and penalties. 

Whether you’re an investor, a financial institution, or have residential properties with tenants, property preservation lets you stay informed and keep up with maintenance, repairs, security, or prepare for a sale. 

Potential Advantages of Property Preservation Services

From preparing for a sale to caring for the exterior, your property will take time and energy, especially if you are concerned about its value. Poor landscaping alone can decrease the value of a property by 30%

However, regular maintenance goes beyond maintaining the physical space. You must also stay on top of your property’s overall financial health and long- and short-term goals.

The potential advantage of working with a property preservation company is its network of vendors. Property preservation companies oversee these relationships, optimizing resource allocation and confirming your property receives the best care.

From selling and buying to keeping up with the many time-consuming projects, such as listing a vacant unit for rent, property preservation services can help coordinate real estate agents, vendors, and service providers. This could free up time and hassle for you. Also, services may not be as costly as if you were to handle issues independently because vendors already have the infrastructure and expertise. 

Services to Help Increase the Value of Your Property

Here are some property preservation services that may protect your property from damage and maintain or improve its value.

Property inspections: A licensed and insured inspector visually examines the interior and exterior of your property to assess its condition. Inspections typically identifies potential problems before they become serious.

Legal compliance: Owning property means you must comply with property safety codes and stay abreast of evolving laws, safeguarding you from legal pitfalls.

Eviction services: Property preservation services can guide in managing and handling the eviction proceedings. 

Maintenance and repairs: These may include leaky faucets, broken windows, or lawn mowing—a property requires constant upkeep or fixing. 

Security: Vacant properties can be targets for vandalism or burglary. Property services can include boarding up windows, installing security lights, and hiring a security company to protect it from damage and break-ins. 

Curb appeal: A well-maintained property with good curb appeal is more likely to attract potential buyers or renters. Keep the lawn mowed, trim the landscaping, and remove any trash or debris from the property.

Winterization: If your property is in a cold climate, preventing damage from freezing pipes and other weather-related hazards is vital. It may involve draining the water system, adding insulation to pipes, covering exterior vents, and snow removal.

Pest control: Services can include sealing up cracks and crevices, setting traps, and using pesticides, which can help to protect your property and your health.

How can VRM Mortgage Services help increase the value of your property?

Mortgage providers like VRM Mortgage Services have a network of experienced vendors to provide field services to property owners directly. We’ve sold, listed, marketed, and managed more than 750,000 properties since our founding in 2006. 

Our long history in the industry means we can offer comprehensive services and a wide range of property preservation services so your property is getting the specialized care it requires. 

Our property preservation services include:

  • Re-keying and securitization
  • Boarding to prevent vandalism or other risks to the property
  • Complete or partial board-ups as requested by the client or as required by local authorities
  • Eviction lockouts
  • Personal property and debris removal with complete documentation and photographs
  • Preparation for sale or conveyance
  • Initial janitorial and landscape services, including clean-up, mowing and trim
  • Winterization/de-winterization and snow removal as required,
  • Initial pool servicing or securing,
  • Safety repairs and ongoing, client-specific maintenance
  • Vacant property registration
  • Relocation assistance program for the previous owner

Property preservation is an important part of maintaining the value of your property. By working with a trusted property preservation provider, you can help protect and maintain your property, prevent costly repairs, and attract potential buyers and renters.

Connect with one of our experts if you need an experienced property preservation company or have questions. 

Did you know? We also offer various other services, such as REO asset management, property marketing, and sales.