How to Use VRM Mortgage Services to Your Advantage

 | How to Use VRM Mortgage Services to Your Advantage

How to Use VRM Mortgage Services to Your Advantage

Asset management companies help you manage your property portfolio—from inspections, marketing properties for sale, and managing closing. You may be considering a partnership with an asset management company to help you, but what if you knew you could turn to this resource for more

Imagine having an asset management company that acts as your advocate to navigate market and industry changes so you can experience less hassle and lower costs. At VRM Mortgage Services, we create customized solutions to help with your mortgage and property needs, from listing to marketing to managing your property. 

We can help you with asset preservation to tenant eviction coordination in the simplest, most cost-effective manner possible. 

Here are reasons why you can consider VRM your end-to-end mortgage solution, personalized to meet your property needs. 

Unique solutions for every stage of the property life cycle

VRM uses a consultative approach to understand your specific needs and objectives thoroughly.  

An asset management company can help you stay on top of these rules and regulations. They can remind you when your dues are due, inform you about upcoming HOA meetings, and even help you file paperwork with the HOA. Avoid costly fines and keep your property in good standing with the HOA.

Here are some of the specific ways that an asset management company can help with HOA and COA compliance:

  • Review the HOA or COA bylaws and regulations. Understand your expectations as a property owner.
  • Track your dues payments and make sure they are paid on time. Don’t pay late fees and other penalties.
  • Notify you of upcoming HOA or COA meetings. You can participate in the decision-making process and stay informed about changes to the rules and regulations.
  • Help you file paperwork with the HOA or COA. Save yourself this complex and time-consuming task.

We’re well-connected in the industry

A long history in the real estate industry means we’ve made strong connections. We directly access over 400 top national, regional, and local vendors. 

We can quickly assess and address all varieties of REO and non-REO asset management, property preservation, and mortgage service needs. Here’s why this matters and how you benefit:

  • Level of service: Our vendors trust us and know we work with great people. We’ve built solid partnerships with experienced vendors who think like us and are willing to customize unique solutions to help you with your property needs.
  • Better pricing: Strong networks signal trust; therefore, we’re competitively priced to offer more without cutting your bottom line. 
  • Access to specialized services: Our vendors can give you access to technical services you might not be able to get otherwise—for example, we could get a contractor to perform last-minute fixes on short notice or for a discounted rate. 
  • Outstanding customer service: Whether you work directly with us or a vendor, we do our best to provide a positive experience because we want to build a partnership with you.

Uncover Your Financials, Risk, and Transaction Data in One Place

VRM has a user-friendly, proprietary software platform so you can gain immediate access to important information about finances, auditing reports, and even put in an offer if you’re looking for a new home

Rather than logging into multiple platforms to grab piecemeal information, VRM’s platform is your source of truth. These benefits include:  

  • Improved communication: You can share and view documents, track tasks, and communicate in real time. You don’t need to deal with emails where crucial documents can get buried in long, confusing threads.  
  • Automated workflows: Tedious tasks such as rent collection, maintenance requests, and tenant onboarding are handled to save time for you to work on more valuable projects. It also streamlines efficiency and reduces errors. 
  • Enhanced data insights: Collect and analyze data from a variety of sources, such as property performance, market data, and tenant feedback. Then, make better decisions about asset management, such as where to invest, how to improve tenant satisfaction, and how to maximize asset value.
  • Improved decision-making: Data gives you the confidence for better asset allocation, investment strategy, and risk management decisions.

Whether you’re looking to reduce operational costs, increase investment revenue, manage risks, or maintain and preserve properties in peak performance conditions, VRM can create your best strategy. 

Use VRM’s skilled professionals, strong connections with the best vendors, and our proprietary tech stack today. 

Let’s create an asset management strategy that fits your unique needs and goals and provides full-service care. 

Reach out to chat with a VRM Mortgage Services professional today.