4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your REO Property

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4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your REO Property

When selling an REO property, the goal is usually to turn it around as quickly as possible, without excess time and effort. The problem is, putting a property on the market that appears rundown will attract buyers who want a quick, cheap deal. It’s not very difficult to take a few steps towards making an REO property more enticing to competitively high-paying buyers. In fact, just a little bit of upkeep and updating outside of the home can be fast, affordable, and increase the speed of purchase for a property.

The first impression is what builds an emotional connection and initial interest. There are 4 simple ways to boost the curb appeal of an REO property that will maximize your return with very little investment on your part.

Here are 4 Curb Appeal Tips to Sell Your REO Property

Curb Appeal Tip #1: Replace House Numbers

Updating the house numbers is a very low-cost way to enhance the emotional appeal of a home. Fresh, clean numbers stand out and add a welcoming vibe to the property. While you’re at it, replacing the mailbox is also a nice touch.  

Curb Appeal Tip #2: Focus on the Front Door

The front door is a big part of the emotional connection buyers want to feel before purchasing a property. It can welcome people in or send them away based on one glance. Whether you add a fresh coat of paint to make it pop, or replace the door all together, there is little effort involved in creating a warm, inviting entryway.

Curb Appeal Tip #3: Power-Wash the Exterior

Sometimes curb appeal isn’t about adding to a property – but more about taking away layers of dirt and grime. Power washing the exterior will easily freshen up any property and create a satisfyingly clean appearance.

Curb Appeal Tip #4: Spruce up the Front Yard

A little landscaping effort goes a long way. Find a mix of visually pleasing plant and flowers, and privacy offering bushes and trees. Keep the yard up to neighborhood standards in terms of grass cutting, hedge trimming, watering, etc. Remember, this property will be compared to the others around it by potential buyers.

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