Rental Property Management Services by VRM Mortgage Services

Whether you own 10 properties or a thousand, one trusted vendor can provide all the services you need to maximize your return and minimize your risk. VRM has the knowledge and experience to help ensure you get the most out of your REO assets from initial due diligence through rental and disposition. Since 2005, VRM has managed over 500,000 REO assets, so we know what it takes to bring properties to a marketable condition and to manage them for maximum curb appeal. Whether you are an REO investor looking to acquire assets or a lender, servicer or GSE seeking to pool assets for bulk sale, we offer a comprehensive set of solutions that can be custom tailored to meet your objectives.

Rental Management Suite of services includes:

  • Property Condition Inspections
  • Eviction & Relocation Assistance
  • Rehabilitation/Renovation Services
  • Rental Property Maintenance & Management
  • Rental & Lease Agreement Management
  • Rent Collection and Disbursement
  • Accounting & Reporting
  • Single Family Residence (SFR) Rental Management
  • REO-to-Rental Services
  • Inspections & Renovations
  • Maintenance & Management
  • Listing & Sales
Establishing the marketability and costs associated with potential REO investment properties is the first and most critical step in your decision-making process. VRM conducts on-site assessments to determine property condition and establish repair and renovation estimates that enable investors to confidently make buy/no-buy decisions. Once decisions are made to perform selected renovations, VRM offers a full line of rehabilitation and renovation services using cost-effective materials and improvements performed by licensed and insured contractors. This allows our clients to transform neglected homes into market-competitive rental properties to drive lower vacancy rates and improved returns.
VRM’s Rental Property Management solution offers component-based preservation and management services to fill gaps in your internal processes or to add to your core competencies. VRM works with vendors throughout the United States and its territories at a local level. From routine maintenance, such as grass cuts, to capital improvements, we maintain the highest levels of professionalism to help ensure compliance and minimize reputational risk. We can provide management of lease and rental agreements, collection of rents, disbursements and accounting as well as tenant/occupant eviction when necessary. All our property maintenance, management and evictions processes are designed to help you mitigate risk and focus on your core businesses and investments.
Not every asset you acquire will be rental and those that you do rent will eventually need an exit strategy. As the premier asset management provider (AMP) to the mortgage servicing industry, VRM has managed the listing, preservation and sale of more assets than any other outsourcer. Using the experience garnered listing and selling over 500,000 assets, we provide the industry’s highest performing teams of experts to help you not only efficiently and cost-effectively sell assets, but also minimize the operational and reputational cost and risk associated with defaulted and foreclosed properties.
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