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Comprehensive, Adaptable Solutions for real estate sales

VRM Property Auctions provide comprehensive, adaptable solutions for real estate sales. We specialize in a variety of programs, including:

  • Foreclosure Sales
  • Second Chance Auctions
  • Direct Auctions
  • HUD & REO Auction Services
  • Community Investment Programs

Our programs are customizable to meet your specific needs.

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 | Property Auctions | Property Auctions

Why VRM Property Auctions?

  • Live or online auction events to fit your schedule
  • Direct engagement with buyer pools for increased visibility and faster sales
  • Receive a strategy call to define needs
  • Specific marketing for select campaigns including social media interest targeting
  • Curated content to refine buyer interest through the buyer network
  • Convenient services that allow buyers to use the network to both buy and sell
  • Detailed property analytics and predictive forecasting analysis for reduced risk and improved decision- making
  • Reduced time and management costs
  • Funds and HUD claim management
  • Focus on community strengthening
  • Save time and money by receiving value of the property before it is listed for sale
  • Opt-in programs to avoid foreclosure
  • Shorten holding times and reduce blight

Effective Marketing

Compelling marketing is essential for the success of any auction. It’s why our Property Auctions use top-tier marketing to engage buyers across channels. Here’s what you can expect with VRM PROPERTY AUCTIONS:

  • Beyond the local market CWCOT & direct auction
  • Increased market reach
  • Embedded valuations to better estimate the value of a property and determine a starting price
  • Closing management services
  • Property and buyer analytics
  • Streamlined and clear up title defects for a faster sale
  • Procurement of vacant properties and establishment of curb appeal

Adaptable Solutions

VRM Property Auctions are designed to be adaptable to the client’s needs. Whether our services are used for Foreclosure Sales, Second Chance or Direct Auction our client benefits from effective pre/post auction services that go beyond the sale.

Interested in Property Auction Services?

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Click the button below to complete our contact form or call us at (855) 843-8334 VRM Mortgage Services’ nationwide network of verified real estate professionals and service-providers will care for and market your real property assets, helping you obtain substantial value for your investment and allowing you to reinvest your capital in new market opportunities.

Are you a vendor looking to work with VRM Mortgage Services?

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VRM Mortgage Services’ nationwide network of verified real estate professionals and service providers that cares for and markets real estate property assets, helping obtain substantial value for investments.

VRM Mortgage Services is actively recruiting the following vendor types:

  • Property Preservation/ Field Services Vendors
  • Foreclosure/Eviction Attorneys
  • Deed Prep Vendors
  • Real Estate Brokers

VRM and the affiliate companies are separate and distinct entities.
Each affiliate company is solely responsible for its work product and operations.

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Who We Are

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Trustworthy Experts in Asset Management

Vendor Resource Management, Inc. (“VRM Mortgage Services”), a certified minority-owned business, was founded in 2006 with the aim

of providing portfolio managers with reliable, high-quality outsourcing services for the management of their assets. Over the years, our capabilities have expanded far beyond conventional asset management to provide a comprehensive range of services to our clients. Today, we have listed, marketed, managed, and sold over 750,000 properties for our clients.

At VRM Mortgage Services, we pride ourselves on our ability to outperform client expectations and benchmarks, which enables us to act quickly and proactively regardless of what new direction the industry takes us. We deliver solutions for servicing, default, and asset management that consistently outperform our clients’ expectations

 – and that’s not Additional services include but not limited to:

    • Asset Management
    • Valuations
    • Auction
    • Title Services
    • Closing Coordination Services
    • Tax/HOA
    • Loan Originations & Servicing
    • Eviction Coordination Services
    • Third Party Quality Assurance And more…

VRM and the affiliate companies are separate and distinct entities.
Each affiliate company is solely responsible for its work product and operations.

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