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Asset Management

After listing, managing & selling over 420,000 properties, it's safe to say we know REO. Learn how you can benefit from our unparalleled experience.


Rental Management

It's more than mowing lawns and collecting payments. We provide a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to maximize your return and minimize your risk.


Property Preservation

Using locally sourced vendors, we increase preservation and maintenance oversight to increase compliance and reduce your risk.


Unrivaled Solutions, Unequaled Performance

Since 2005, VRM has listed, managed and sold over 420,000 assets. But VRM Mortgage services is much more than the mortgage industry’s largest REO outsourcer. From borrower outreach and pre-foreclosure retention solutions to property preservation, rental management, evictions and disposition; VRM delivers solutions for the residential and commercial mortgage industry’s toughest challenges.

VRM Mortgage Services offers comprehensive solutions for:

Residential Mortgage

VRM provides solutions that address the unique challenges of our rapidly evolving real estate industry. We deliver operational excellence that reduces your organizational risk.


From retention to disposition, we provide component-based servicing solutions that help improve compliance while dramatically reducing operational drag and loss severity.

Asset Management

VRM offers everything you need to effectively manage defaulted assets. Learn how VRM’s years of experience listing, managing and selling over 420,000 REO assets can help you.

Lenders & Servicers

From global financial institutions to local community banks and credit unions, VRM tailors solutions that fit any requirement and meet every operational challenge.


VRM provides solutions tailored to fit the needs of institutional investors, REITs and hedge funds. From inspections to rental management outsourcing, we help improve your decision-making and your investment return.

GSEs & Government

VRM’s solutions for Government Sponsored Entities (GSEs) and the Federal real estate sector deliver performance-based excellence from a certified, minority-owned business.