VRM Mortgage Services, PCV Murcor and Hightide Settlement Services celebrate the shared leadership of an industry innovator – Keith D. Murray.

HousingWire has named Keith a recipient of the inaugural 2015 HW Vanguard Awards™ program. He has been recognized as one of 27 industry leaders in their respective fields within housing and mortgage finance whose leadership is moving markets forward, each and every day.

“The HW Vanguard Award winners are some of the most powerful and influential leaders in our industry. They represent the cutting edge of management and strategy in the mortgage finance field, and the kind of leadership the housing industry needs to continue to drive the American economy forward,” said Jacob Gaffney, HousingWire editor-in-chief.

The feature highlights the accomplishments and achievements of successful people who have accomplished more than bottom line results or top line revenue. The success of these leaders has “inspired others through their passion, innovation and perseverance. They come from diverse backgrounds, and may run established companies or start-ups, but share one common trait: an unmistakable impact on the industry at large.”

While HousingWire’s other award programs recognize important segments of the industry, this award “cuts across every demographic to present a comprehensive list of industry professionals and business leaders whose influence is felt throughout their organizations, their communities and the whole housing economy.”

From the HousingWire feature:

This award recognizes “the kind of leadership that utilizes cutting-edge technology but doesn’t lose sight of the very real people involved. The kind that isn’t afraid to change, but relies on timeless values like putting the customer first, acting honorably and giving back.”

We’re proud to recognize Keith’s accomplishments as a leader, innovator and philanthropist and his commitment to our industry and the communities we serve.

Join us in congratulating Keith for this incredible achievement!

Click here to visit his LinkedIn page to leave your congratulations and well wishes.

And, to read in-depth profiles on Keith and the other Vanguard honorees, Click Here, or check out the December 2015 Issue of HousingWire!

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