Valuation Services

Through a shared services agreement with PCV Murcor, we offer a complete line of valuation services including residential and commercial appraisals, broker price opinions (BPOs), commercial broker opinions of value (BOVs), desktop appraisal, hybrids and reconciliations.

Our philosophy for all real estate valuations rests on a combination of having the right people, the right processes and an organizational commitment to customer service excellence. With a network of skilled appraisers and brokers working in every state, and in-house teams to perform exception-based BPO review and complete review of all appraisals, we deliver accurate, thorough reporting every time without sacrificing valuable turn times.

PCV Murcor valuation services include:

Residential valuations

Our extensive nationwide network of appraisers is continually assessed for accuracy and turn times, allowing us to choose the best practitioner in the required geographic area. Specific residential valuation products we offer include single- and multi-unit reports to help ensure loan origination compliance with USPAP, FDIC, FIRREA and OTS standards.

Commercial valuations

PCV Murcor’s extensive experience and knowledge of local and national markets has made us one of the leading commercial valuation providers nationwide. We deliver commercial appraisals and broker opinions of value (BOVs) for a variety of properties including office buildings, shopping centers, restaurants and more. From FMNA and UCAIR forms to narrative reports, our team is capable of turning in-depth, accurate and defensible real estate appraisals and BOVs quickly.

Hybrid valuations

Hybrid valuations provide valuable additional perspectives on a traditional report’s value conclusion. Custom created for individual client need, these specialized reports can include any combination of AVM data, property condition report, broker price opinion (BPO) and desktop appraiser review.

Value reconciliations

These client-specific products are prepared by licensed appraisers and help to determine the report’s overall accuracy, gauge improvement description consistencies and provide supported reconciled ‘as-is’ and ‘as-repaired’ values. Reviewers analyze a number of components including market and property conditions, repairs, sales and listing data.


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