Title & Closing Services

At VRM, we understand the complexities of title and closing. More importantly, we know that the last place you can afford to make mistakes is at the goal line when it’s time for funding and signatures. Our title and closing experts and internal quality control processes help ensure the closing proceeds as smooth as possible.

VRM’s escrow closers are real estate professionals and practicing attorneys assisted by Real Estate paralegals and are bonded state notaries. All real estate closing services are performed by local counsel or title partners that are regulated by each State or local jurisdiction.

Our network of title agents consists of experts in the issuing of title policies, commitments and searches in all states. These agents are experts in preparing closing statements and effectively addressing clients’ questions during the closing process.

Real Estate Title & Closing Services include:

  • Title availability and tracking
  • Contract execution and return management
  • Title procurement and issue resolution
  • Follow-up on conditions
  • Contract addendum management
  • HUD-1 reviews
  • Contract reviews
  • Accurate closing date projections
  • Confirmation of funds/wires
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