Asset Management & Disposition Services by Vendor Resouce Managment

VRM is a highly experienced, full-service national asset management provider. We employ specialized teams of experts, national vendor panels and deep industry experience to reduce your days in prelist and remove potential delays at closing. The accuracy of our valuations, the rigorous screening of our agents, our market knowledge and our expertise in closing significantly reduce days on market. You can trust the asset management team at VRM to provide service for a wide variety of reo assets including Freddie Mac REO, foreclosure REO, Veterans Affairs REO, VA foreclosure and sales, Cash for Keys Program, and a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure. Since 2007, our team has listed, managed and sold over 500,000 REO assets nationwide, making us a top asset management company. We have experience dealing with the eviction process in municipalities across America, and can help ensure you maintain compliance with HOA, COA and other regulations and eliminate costly local code violation fines and fees.

By outsourcing your asset management to VRM, you reduce your operating costs and free up staff and other resources to focus on what they do best. Let our team of real estate professionals — including over 100 licensed real estate agents serving as asset managers — provide the expert support your organization needs to grow.

VRM also helps service the following assets:

  • Freddie Mac REO
  • REO foreclosure
  • Veterans Affairs REO
  • VA Foreclosure & Sales
  • Cash for Keys Program
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

REO Management Services:

At VRM, managing a client’s assets begins immediately upon foreclosure. VRM ensures properties are vacant, secured and placed in a marketable condition. Marketing strategies are developed using the best demographic and geographic information available, including its proprietary market data comparing the subject with recent comps in proximity to property. As the industry’s largest outsourcer – having listed, managed and sold over 500,000 assets, VRM can benchmark its clients’ assets against this data.
Our team of over 300 employees and 100 licensed real estate professionals work to ensure that throughout the sales process, properties are marketed in a manner that preserves the neighborhood. VRM collaborates with nonprofit and lending organizations to help ensure that first time home buyers have access to properties and loan products that fit their financial needs.
At VRM, we understand the complexities of title and closing. More importantly, we know that the last place you can afford to make mistakes is at the goal line when it’s time for funding and signatures. Our title and closing experts and internal quality control processes help ensure the closing proceeds as smoothly as possible.
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