Performance Excellence Through Diversity

“Our companies were founded on the belief that building a successful business and placing communities first were not mutually exclusive ideals. We built the companies around the tenants of customer service and commitment to community and remain dedicated to those principles today.” – Keith D. Murray, Founder and CEO of VRM Mortgage Services

As a minority-owned company with a rich heritage of diversity, VRM Mortgage Services embraces the solidity that it brings to business and personal relationships.  Founded by PCV Murcor founder/owner Keith Murray, VRM’s recruiting, purchasing, and partnership decisions are carefully guided with a strong sense of quality, inclusion and performance excellence.

Keith Murray’s commitment to diversity within his companies and throughout all business partnerships has made PCV and VRM strong industry leaders with top-performing employees who are actively involved in the communities they serve.

VRM Mortgage Services proudly supports and/or partners with these diverse organizations:

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